Empowering Patient Care

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission at The Bridge RN Patient Advocates is to empower others to become their own health advocate.

Our vision is to bridge the gaps in our health care system for our clients through personalized and holistic assessment, goal setting, planning and advocacy; to remove the label of diagnosis and find true healing that every individual is worthy of and desires.

Optimal Patient Care
Full Range Of Treatment Options

The RN Patient Advocacy process does not strictly follow the health insurance model; rather, it includes and goes beyond it in scope. The RN Patient Advocate model is unique in its inclusion of both Allopathic, Functional and Integrative Medicine modalities presented to patients as possible treatment options. This model represents the most inclusive range available of services:

  • Individualized advocacy with all health care providers
  • Health and wellness teaching to improve health literacy
  • Research and presentation of the full range of treatment options
  • Facilitation of development of the optimal health care team to best fulfill the treatment option selected by the informed client/family